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I am not a particularly methodical person when it comes to organising my beliefs and ideas regarding the world, its society and the meaning of life (for me at least). More and more I am becoming disillusioned with what I see around me in society, from the bad choices made by those in control of the world, to the pettiness of day to day life in the big city. This could be a result of growing older I know, but what better medium to explore these ideas than a public blog? By writing down my thoughts and musings perhaps this journal shall become a method of “…driving off the spleen, and regulating the circulation”. Herman Melville wrote that all men, at times, need a way to assuage the drizzly Novembers of their souls, to find a cure for the urge to step into the street and methodically knock people’s hats off. People don’t wear hats much these days, but still the urge remains to dispense with the niceties of social acceptance, and tell it like it is, without the fear of ramifications resultant of stepping out of the bounds of social acceptance, and to dispense with the veneer of respectability and let fly at the frustration of modern life with it’s accompanying binds and contradictory stupidities.

So within this record I plan to walk the streets that take me waterward, and, at the metaphorical wharfs of our insular city, our generic western city, perhaps I’ll look out upon the crowds of my fellow water gazers, who stand there beside me. And maybe, within its fractured lines, I’ll succeed in chasing down my white whale.